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How people see me when I fix their computer…

21 July, 2011 (16:50) | Blog, Humor | By: ender

This is one of those “It’s funny cuz it’s true” things…

How people see me when I fix their computer

How people see me when I fix their computer

Best Father’s Day Card EVER!

17 June, 2011 (11:36) | Blog | By: ender

Kiera made this as my Father’s Day card. The drawing depicts me helping her get to barbie.com on her computer. :)

Winter Solstice Total Lunar Eclipse – untouched photos

21 December, 2010 (03:47) | Blog | By: ender

Here  are some of the better shots from tonight’s eclipse. These aren’t touched up in any way, just exported to 1024 rez images from Picasa.

New Wheels for the Acura

27 April, 2010 (13:59) | Blog | By: ender

So thanks to the fine work of Texas Department of Transportation, two of the wheels on the Acura were bent pretty badly, and a third wheel was bent a little bit.

Acura is a little too proud of their OEM wheels, so there was no way I could afford to buy three of them, and having the wheels straightened was more expensive than many custom wheels and could leave the wheel in a weakened state.

So, I spent a few days combing the net for deals on wheels. After much deliberation, a new set of pretty wheels has been put on the Acura. I was a little worried since it’s hard to tell what they will look like once you actually put them on the car. I’m happy to report though that they look better than I thought they would.

Check ’em out…

Scarborough Faire 2010

20 April, 2010 (08:43) | Blog, Pictures | By: ender

These are the pics I’m considering sending in for the Scarborough Faire photo contest. Not all of them, but trying to decide which ones to send in. Most of these are from the Joust, mainly because the lighting was good and I was in a good location so they came out the best.

Snow Storm – Later in the day

14 February, 2010 (02:36) | Pictures | By: ender

As promised here’s some more shots of the snow storm from later in the day. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to go out looking for actual “good” shots, this is just what I took standing in front of the house.

I missed opportunity for some awesome photos, for sure. But this will give you an idea of how much it was snowing. It was coming down like this for pretty much the entire day! Unheard of here…

Snow-storm 2010 – Early storm pictures

12 February, 2010 (12:10) | Blog | By: ender

We broke about every record in the books for snowfall in Dallas. Here’s some teaser pics from early in the storm [4″ snow]. I’ll take some more pictures this afternoon of the final snowfall…

Finding how many CPUs/Cores/Threads in a Solaris server

14 October, 2009 (16:32) | howto, Operating Systems, Solaris, Unix | By: ender

I think this will only work in Solaris 10, but this should give a nice output of how many Physical CPUs, Physical Cores, and Threads [Virtual CPUs] are recognized by Solaris. This will work on Solaris 10 for SPARC or x86.

Note: I’m told that the script gives strange results when run in an LDOM. I don’t have any LDOMs to test with and I’m not really familiar with them. The script was meant to be run in the global zone. It does give proper results in an un-capped local zone.

The output looks like this:

user@host:~$ ~/bin/cpucount.sh

In host.example.com there are:

1        Physical CPUs/Sockets
8        Physical Cores across all CPUs
8        Cores per Physical CPU
64        Total virtual CPUs recognized by the OS
8        Threads per Core (Virtual CPUs per Core)


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Anatomy of a Homie

13 October, 2009 (14:36) | Blog, Humor | By: ender

Ok, I couldn’t pass this one up. This is for all you high-school teachers out there!

Fossil Rim Safari Drive

12 October, 2009 (12:39) | Blog, Pictures | By: ender

After a whopping 2 hours sleep [for me], Kiera and I got up and joined her class for a trip to Fossil Rim, in Glen Rose, TX. In spite of being horribly tired, we had a good time. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Kiera’s favorite was the Cheetahs, which unfortunately I don’t have any good pictures of. But I did have a Giraffe eat out of my hand. It scared Kiera and she jumped in the back and hid in the floorboard. :)

You’ll notice several pictures of two animals fighting at the end of the gallery. These guys were going at it for at least 5 minutes. Sadly I didn’t have a video camera, but I think I got some good shots out of them.