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Hot much?

19 July, 2018 (15:41) | Blog, Personal, Pictures | By: Doubletwist

Yeah, it’s 106F officially. And this is what happens in a car sitting out in the sun: First you can boil water on your dashboard…   And don’t even think about sitting down in shorts…

A word on US unemployment rates

4 November, 2016 (17:20) | Blog, Politics | By: ender

Over the last 8 years of Obama’s presidency each time the Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS] releases their unemployment numbers I hear a chorus of conservatives crying over the fact that the official unemployment rate does not include people who are “underemployed” (working part time or at a lower wage than they might normally be […]

Android App recommendations

19 March, 2014 (16:55) | Blog | By: ender

So over the years I’ve had more and more friends make the switch from iOS devices to Android. Obviously I’m a big fan of Android, so I’ve decided to provide a list of Android apps and why I recommend or use them, so that these new Android users have a good place to start. This […]

Ouch – Herniated Disc

1 February, 2013 (10:32) | Blog, Personal, Pictures | By: ender

In case anyone ever wanted to know what a herniated disc looks like. This is an MRI image of my lower spine. The main section of cartilage, between L5 and S1 [with the arrow pointing to it] is seriously herniated and is pushing against the nerves which go down into my right leg, which is […]

Natural Bridges State Beach 2012

19 September, 2012 (23:07) | Blog, Pictures | By: ender

Here are some shots from Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, CA. There are some really interesting erosion patterns in the rocks.

Business Trip and Rental Car Nightmare

23 May, 2012 (13:57) | Blog | By: ender

Note: I will expound on the story behind these pictures at a later date. For now I just want to get the pics up….

The Power of Innocence.

1 April, 2012 (23:12) | Blog, Personal | By: ender

It’s a fair bet that most parents have experienced seemingly innocuous statements which, when spoken by an innocent child, attain a cosmic truth and beauty that no other utterance can possibly match. Such a statement by a child brightens the entire universe. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. An otherwise innocuous statement by an innocent […]

Desired Tablet – < $200 [$100-130 would be best]

7 March, 2012 (13:27) | Blog | By: ender

I find it surprising that none of the tablet makers have done something like this as an entry-level or kid-friendly tablet, something without un-necessary features [like a back-camera]. It seems that it would sell well [if priced right and built well]. I know I’d happily buy such a tablet for my kiddo.   Desired Specs: […]

Biggest slice of pizza I’ve ever eaten…

13 December, 2011 (13:35) | Blog | By: ender

This was easily the largest single slice I’ve seen in a restaurant. This is from Serious Pizza in setup Deep Ellum… The picture really doesn’t do it justice. I believe it comes from a 30″ pie.

Giving up TV – Now what?

5 August, 2011 (18:37) | Blog | By: ender

After some serious soul-searching and internal struggle, I returned the new TV, BR Player and Xbox 360 I had purchased. I’ve long been thinking that my life has too many needless complications in it, and could use some simplification. As a result I’ve decided I’m going to minimize the amount of time I waste doing […]