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Desired Tablet – < $200 [$100-130 would be best]

7 March, 2012 (13:27) | Blog | By: ender

I find it surprising that none of the tablet makers have done something like this as an entry-level or kid-friendly tablet, something without un-necessary features [like a back-camera]. It seems that it would sell well [if priced right and built well]. I know I’d happily buy such a tablet for my kiddo.


Desired Specs:

  • ~7″ capacitive multi-touch screen [at least 600×1024 – 800×1280 if possible at price point]
  • thin as possible at price range, but even as thick as a Kindle Fire would be acceptable.
  • 7″ because it’s easier for a kid to handle, and I think is just a better form-factor for entry-level. Other sizes could be made as well.
  • dual-core 1+Ghz ARM CPU
  • 512MB RAM [1GB if possible]
  • 4-8GB Storage
  • MicroSD slot
  • VGA front-facing camera [for Skype/Tango videochat]
  • WiFi a/b/n
  • Bluetooth [only because it’s practically free with the wifi.]
  • Speaker [single or dual, doesn’t matter]
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich
    • With full Google App Market support, not some lame 3rd-party app market.
    • For a kid-friendly version, can have parental ability to lock out App Market. Can still have a 3rd-party kid-friendly moderated market, but parent should still be able to install an un-moderated app if necessary.

    I do think that such a tablet would sell well, esp if the right accessories were available. It seems all the existing small tablets either try to cram too many features and thus cost a fortune, or don’t support the full app market and are tied too heavily to one source of content [Amazon/Nook], or pull TOO many features out [use resistive non-multi-touch screen].


    Am I alone in thinking such a tablet would sell well? Is that too much to ask?



    Comment from Priya
    Time December 3, 2015 at 8:11 pm

    I totally unerdstand. My hubs got me an ipad for Christmas this year and was so excited it would be easier to carry to work and I could write on it (surely) but we quickly discovered you can’t really write on it. But as much as I love the pad, I love my computer just as much for different reasons. Donno if I’ll ever give up a computer for a little tablet, just like I probably can’t give up actual books for a kindle or anything. Old fashioned?

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