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Category: Operating Systems

Finding how many CPUs/Cores/Threads in a Solaris server

14 October, 2009 (16:32) | howto, Operating Systems, Solaris, Unix | By: ender

I think this will only work in Solaris 10, but this should give a nice output of how many Physical CPUs, Physical Cores, and Threads [Virtual CPUs] are recognized by Solaris. This will work on Solaris 10 for SPARC or x86. Note: I’m told that the script gives strange results when run in an LDOM. […]

My Choice in Open Source Windows Software

11 August, 2009 (22:36) | Applications, Blog, Operating Systems, Reviews, Windows | By: ender

Open Source Windows Software There are plenty of “What’s the best open source Windows software for …. ?” on the ‘net but since I’m often asked what I personally use, here’s a list along with my reasons for choosing that option:

Uptime: 2441 days

1 June, 2009 (08:50) | Hardware, Solaris | By: ender

It’s a sad day. This poor forgotten server has been acting as a caching resolver for 2441 days [over 6.5 years] without being rebooted. Unfortunately that means it’s also been running 6.5 years without being patched or updated.It’s running Solaris 8, an expired copy of VxFS [filesystem], and a copy of Bind 8.3.4 that was […]