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Star Trek movie

14 May, 2009 (08:00) | Movies, Reviews | By: ender

A bunch of people keep asking me what I thought about the Star Trek movie. In short:

It was great!

Ok, so it wasn’t Shakespeare, and it focused a bit more on the action and less on introspecitve philisophical questions that I loved about the series; but the end result was a fun summer movie that I think did a great job in giving a new life to this story.

It’s definitely worth seeing, even if just to watch Karl Urban absolutely *NAIL* his performance of Bones. :) He even had the arms-crossed, hunched back stance down perfectly.

Yes there was a teeny bit of Sylar in Spock, but mostly, Zachary Quinto did a good job with the character, and easily held his own when standing face-to-face with the legend that is Leonard Nimoy. I can’t imagine what it’s like to play such an iconic character while standing in front of the guy that made the character so iconic.

The only real problem I had with it was the early scenes of a young Kirk doing stupid things. I know Kirk is supposed to be kind of reckless but the Corvette* scene was just stupid. But once the movie gets past this, it’s a fun ride.

So go see it. I want to see more like this. :)

* Edit: I originally put “Mustang”. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I’d much rather see a Mustang go over a cliff than a vintage ‘vette. :)

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